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Welcome to South Point Trail Condominium.  We are located in Berea, Ohio, east of Prospect Road and north of Sprague Road, convenient to shopping, schools and cultural facilities.  In addition, the beauty and recreation provided by the Metroparks system is just steps away from our back yard.  South Point Trail is comprised of 36 homes on professionally landscaped grounds.

June 2017

Independence Day Trash Pickup Delay - Because of the Independence Day holiday on  Tuesday, July 49 Curbside trash collection will be  delayed that week. Trash will be picked up: SATURDAY, JULY 8 Trash containers should be placed at curbside no earlier than 4:30 p.m. on Friday, July 7 and should be stored by 10 a.m. on Sunday, July 9

Property Review  - A review of exterior property areas will be conducted during June to identify both Association and owner maintenance responsibilities.  Notices will be sent to owners where upkeep items are in need of attention.  Please observe the completion date in the notice and contact us for clarification or additional details. Thank you for your general upkeep of the areas around your homes.

You may want to paint peeling fences in advance of the review with Sherwin-Williams Navajo White SW-6126.  Check newspaper or mail advertising inserts for frequent discount pricing.  This colour is also used on doors and wood trim.  

March 2017

Water Quality - If you are experiencing water quality problems (discoloration, odors, sediment) you may report them to the City of Berea Water Department at 440-234-5652 or 440-891-3308  

Please also report the issue to the Association by calling the Administration or by e-mail

January 2017

Storm Water Fee - The Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District (NORSD) has started to bill for storm water services, as proposed in notices sent to property owners 2012, after a 4 year delay that was settled by the Ohio Supreme Court.  The flat fee is based on one of three residential tiers.  Customers qualifying for the Homestead Fee and/or Cost Savings Programs will also qualify for savings.  As the NORSD uses billing services provided by the Cleveland Division of Water, billing is provide on a monthly basis. 

Please direct questions regarding this program to Regional Sewer District at  (216) 881-8247, e-mail  stormwater@neorsd.org or go to www.neorsd.org/stormwater   Neither the Association nor the City of Berea’s Service or Water  Billing Department manage the program or have specifics related to the program.

Hawk Sightings - We have received reports of hawks nesting and flying around in the area.  Like coyotes, which are also prone to roam in the neighborhood, these birds may swoop down and pick up small pets.  Be sure that all pets are property hand leashed when they are exercised.

December 2016

Snow Removal - The Association provides reasonable levels of snow removal on up to two occasions per day after snow has accumulated to a level that exceeds 2” at certain times of the day.  Services are provided in multiple stages and daily movement of parked cars is necessary for effective snow removal.  Services are provided after overnight snowfall that exceeds 2” and again in the late afternoon hours if another 2” of snow accumulates.  Services are not provided on a continuous basis during blizzard conditions and salt is not normally applied.  Residents are responsible for snow removal  when the Association’s contractor does not provide snow services.

Snow Parking - The extensions at the ends of driveways are for access to garages and storage of snow during heavy accumulations.  Long term parking is prohibited in these areas.


2017 Budget - The Board has adopted the Budget for 2017.  There will be no increase again next year.  Maintenance fees, effective January 1, 2012  are as follows:

    Ownership Percentage: 2.525% - $160.00 per month

     2.85% - $180.00 per month

    Maintenance fees are due on the first day of the month and should be mailed to

    680 South Point Trail, Berea OH 44017


Holidays:  Our office will be closed on all State, Regional and National Holidays with calls received being returned on a business day that follows the holiday.  We will be closed April 14, May 20, June 30-July 5, September 4, October 9, November 10, 22-24, December 22-26, December 29 - January 2. 

August 2016

The siding on Buildings F, G and H was power washed.

The paint colour for patio fences doors and wood trim is Sherwin-Williams Navajo White SW-6126.  Check newspaper or mail advertising inserts for frequent discount pricing.

October  2013

    Trash Pickup Day is now FRIDAY

    Bulk pickup is now the Friday of the third full week of the month.

    Highly flammable substances, large quantities of construction and remodeling debris, hazardous waste, tires, liquids, large car parts or car batteries are not considered bulk items and will not be picked up by the City of Berea.

    General Community Information

    Association Administration services are provided by condohome limited.  Please contact the Administration rather than Board Members for service requests, architectural variance requests, correspondence, handling the sale or lease of your home and for answers to questions and concerns about the Association.  Please note that all complaints related to violations of the covenants and restrictions or rules and regulations must be in writing  

    Pet waste must be removed when your animal deposits it on the property year round.
    When storing gas grills, it is essential that propane tanks are stored OUTSIDE of the building, Under no circumstances should tanks be stored in garages or in the homes.

    The Ohio Fire Code prohibits the use of charcoal and gas grills within 10 feet of any building in a multifamily dwelling. Violations should be reported to the non-emergency telephone number of the Berea Fire Department (440) 826-5880  (Do NOT call 911)

    South Point Trail residents may now subscribe and receive special resident alerts to notify you certain information of community interest.


Annual Association Meeting

    The Annual Meeting of the Members of the Association is held during the month of January of each year at  the Berea Library. This meeting is for the election of Board Members and the presentation of reports from the Board as well as any other business specified in the agenda for the Annual Meeting. The attendance of a majority of members is required either in person or by proxy. A proxy permits you to attend the meeting without appearing in person and assigns your voting rights to the proxy holder. Five Year Proxies during subsequent year are used for attendance and Board Elections only and are not voted for any other purpose.

Board Meetings

    Meetings of the Board of Directors are open to unit owners. Fifteen minutes at the end of each Board meeting is allotted for homeowner participation, where unit owners may address the Board, present questions for later consideration and provide input. The balance of each Board meeting is for the Board of Managers to conduct the agenda related business of setting the policies of the Association. Unit owners may not participate in the discussion or action on agenda items. Certain portions of Board Meetings, defined as Executive Sessions, may be closed to unit owners. Items considered in Executive Session include legal matters, personnel issues, certain contractual matters, hearings and consideration of the issuance of sanctions against homeowners for violations of the covenants and restrictions.

Meeting Schedule - Strongsville Branch of the Cuyahoga County Library - 7:00 PM

    Meeting Rooms at the Berea Library are closed for renovation.

    Wednesday, June 7, 2017 - Conference Room  - 7:00 PM

    Wednesday, September 6, 2017 - Conference Room  - 7:00 PM


Online Service Request - Submit a request for maintenance or repair online or to send an e-mail.



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