PURPOSE                                                                                      June 1996

Our objective is to maintain South Point Trail as a very nice place live.  In order to accomplish this, we have established a set of Rules and Regulations which pertain strictly to living at South Point Trail in the relaxed condominium atmosphere.  These Rules and Regulations have been adopted pursuant to the provisions of the Declaration and Bylaws of the South Point Trail Condominium Association, Berea, Ohio  44017. 


1.Each residential unit shall be used and occupied solely as a single family dwelling and for no other purpose.

2.No part of the Condominium property shall be occupied in a manner which will result in the cancellation of or the increase in the rate of any insurance policy coverage maintained for the Condominium properties.

3.The Limited Common Elements of each unit shall be kept unobstructed and free and clear of all rubbish, debris and other unsightly materials

4.No noxious or offensive activity shall be conducted in any unit or in the Common Elements, nor shall anything be done therein, either willfully or negligently which may be or become an annoyance or nuisance to other unit owners or occupants.

5.No change, alteration, construction or decoration of any kind shall be permitted in the Common Elements, (including those port ions thereof designated in the Declarations as Limited Common Elements such as patios and decks), unless done pursuant to prior written approval of the Association.

6.Boats, campers, trailers, recreation vehicles and trucks larger than 3 /4 ton may not be parked or stored anywhere on the SPTCA premises.


1.Complaints against anyone violating the SPTCA rules are to be made to the South Point Trail Condominium Association in writing.  Each complaint shall contain the signature of the individual filing the report.  A standard form is available from the Association. The Board will contact the alleged violator after receipt of said complaint and a reasonable effort will be made to gain the violators agreement to cease the violation.

2. If the reasonable efforts to gain compliance are unsuccessful, the unit owner will be subject to a sanction in accordance with the penalty provisions contained in the Declaration.


1.A fine of $50.00 may be levied by the Board of Directors on any Unit Owner found in violation of the rules and regulations. In the case of a tenant who is in violation, the owner of the Unit in which said tenant resides will be held liable for the fine. (Article 20, Paragraph 20.1(c) Page 54 of the Declaration)

2.  In addition, all costs for cleaning and/or repairs stemming from a violation of the rules and regulations will be assessed the Unit Owner in addition to the fine


Each Unit Owner has a two car attached garage and two outdoor parking spaces directly in front of the garage for the exclusive use of the Unit Owner The Owner is responsible for proper parking of their guests. Residents with more than ONE vehicle should use their garage or space directly in front of their garage for parking of vehicles.

2. Driveway Extensions - Driveways that service four Units:  The extension at the end of these driveways are not to be used for the permanent parking of resident's vehicles. Temporary visitor parking is allowed.

3.  Driveways are not to be used for additional guest parking at any time. No vehicle may be parked in such a way which obstructs any other resident's access to their garage or vehicle.

4.  Winter Months/Snow Removal. The small extension at the end of each driveway will be used for the disposal of excess snow.  Parking of vehicles and its extension during heavy snowfalls is prohibited.

5. Repair of automobiles is prohibited anywhere on the Common Elements.  Any minor emergency repair must be done in a manner that does not infringe upon other residents and does not litter the Common property.  Automobiles cannot be parked or stored on blocks.

6. Operators of motorcycles or motorized vehicles are permitted to use the streets and parking area roadways for the purpose of entering and leaving the premises only.

7.  Revving or racing the engine of any motorized vehicle is prohibited.  Unnecessary engine noise is prohibited by the Berea City Ordinance.

8. Driveway speed limit is restricted to 5 miles per hour.

9. The additional parking area located on South Point Trail and in close proximity to the cul-de-sac is for resident and guest short-term parking only

10. Vehicle storage and/or long-term parking is prohibited. Vehicles parked in excess of 72 hours (3 days) without Board approval will be towed at Owner's expense


1. No pets may be tied or staked out on the Common Elements at any time

2. Pets are not permitted to run at large. All animals must be leashed at all times

3. Should an accident occur, the owner must clean up the Common Elements immediately.


Monday morning is the normal pickup day for trash and recycling items Please refrain from putting trash out prior to 4:30 PM on Sunday.  Should a "holiday" fall on a Monday it should be noted that there will be no pickup that day - pickup would occur on the day following the holiday


1. Residents should notify the Association concerning damage to Common or Limited Common Elements immediately


1. Reasonable plantings of annuals in present shrub beds are permitted. No vegetables or fruits are permitted in shrub beds.

2. Recommended flowers in shrub beds include geraniums, impatiens, dwarf salvia, low growing begonias, dwarf marigolds, pansies and spring bulbs

3.  Requests for landscaping alterations should be made to the Board of Managers in writing with a sketch of where you wish to plant and a list of what is to be planted, not later than May 1st of the year. All plans must conform to the general plan of the Association.

4. Each Owner is responsible for the maintenance of the altered area.


1. "For Sale" signs are allowed only with the prior approval of the Board of Directors.

2.  Other signs to be posted require prior approval by the Board.


1. General maintenance and repair of the following areas are the responsibility of the Unit Owner:

a)Patios,  b) Privacy fences, c) Decks, d) Attached porches
e)Driveway parking areas directly in front of unit garages.


1. Monthly maintenance fees are due the 1st of the month with a grace period of 10 days. Nonpayment will result in a 5% late fee.

The complete set of Association Rules and Regulations is available in an 82 KB Adobe PDF document.

The latest Draft Revision of the Rules is available.  This document is subject to change prior to the effective date. 


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