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November 2017

Fully Funded Reserve Waiver

All owners have been sent a notice to waive the fully funded reserve requirement.  Although the Association has been building a reserve fund over time, there are not presently sufficient funds to perform all of the capital replacements necessary in a short period of time.  Please sign and return the card, or use the form in the Services section of the website, so that there will not be a maintenance fee increase of an order of magnitude that would occur if the requirement is not suspended. 

You may provide your input to the Budgeting process through the Administration in advance of the Budget meeting.  Your ideas are welcome for suggested expenditure items or priorities that the Board may consider in formulating the 2018 Budget.

Drop Box on the Move

A new maintenance fee drop box will be placed at new location near the north US mail boxes.  The present drop box will be removed after November 10 and will not be available for a short period of time.  Until the new box is installed, please mail payments to our US Postal Service mailing address (which is not a physical location at the Association):

South Point Trail Condominium

680 South Point Trail

Berea OH 44017

Automatic Maintenance Fee Payments

You may set up automatic maintenance fee payments using your bank’s bill pay service.  Use your house number as the Account number in the set up process and the special mailing address above.

Are You Ready for Cold Weather?

Fall is the time to prepare for winter—cold and wet conditions not only make you miserable, but they can damage your home. Some winterizing can wait, some can’t. Make a list of what needs to be done and tackle the time-sensitive tasks first. Here’s a simple checklist from the Association to help you get a jump on winter.

Indoor Winterizing

  • Examine doors and replace weather-stripping as needed.
  • Examine and repair vents where needed.
  • Clean chimneys and flues.
  • Remove items near heat vents.
  • Place nonskid runners or door mats inside doorways to help keep water, sand and salt out of the house.

Outdoor Winterizing

  • Remove door mats and pet tethers from outside so that they are not caught in snow removal equipment.
  • Turn off electrical breakers for outdoor equipment.
  • Close hose bibs.
  • Spray outdoor locks and hinges with lubricant.
  • Return gas grill fuel tank to dealer or store outside - never in the garage or in the home.
  • Keep firewood well away from building surfaces - it can be a home for insects and vermin.

Assemble, stockpile or refresh winter supplies:

  • Batteries and flashlights
  • Ice melt, deicer and snow shovels for times when snowfall is less than 2 inches.

Avoid Trash Fall Out

Please help keep our neighborhood clean by picking up any debris or items that fall out of  trash cans while they are at the curb.  The automated collection process can result in items being blown from the carts and your help is appreciated. 

Pet Provisions

Our four legged companions require some attention whenever they are outside of the  home. 

  • All dogs must be hand leashed when being exercised.
  • Pet waste must be cleaned up immediately after its deposit on the grounds.  There is no provision for once per day/week/every so often clean up - just immediately. 
  • Pets may not be tied up of staked onto any part of the building or grounds.

Fall and Winter Services

The gutters on all buildings will be cleaned after final leaf drop.  Please do not attempt to climb onto the roof and perform this service yourself.  Contact the Administration if a major problem exists.  Leaves on lawns will be collected during periodic visits from the landscaper, but winds may result in them blowing throughout the property at any time.   

While it is early in the seaon - we are in Ohio - and snow can fall at any time.  The Association provides reasonable levels of Snow Removal when accumulation exceeds two inches (2”) during certain times of the day.  Continuous removal is not provided and owners are responsible for the removal of snow and ice at times when the the Association does not provide services.

July 2017

Siding Cleaning

The siding on Buildings C, D and E has been scheduled to be Power Washed this summer.  Watch for a notice at the mailboxes for the specific service dates and be sure that windows are closed and the power to exterior outlets has been turned off.  The water supply to exterior faucets should remain on and available for service personnel to use during cleaning days.

Property and Landscape Review

A review of the property has been conducted to determine landscape, and future  common element maintenance needs.  Unit owner compliance with established standards, will also be observed.   Most of the items that unit owners will need to attend to are the painting of patio, garage divider and air conditioner screening fences.   Bare wood surfaces only lead to moisture absorption and  shortened life of fences.  Notices will be sent to owners where attention to maintenance and architectural items is necessary.  Your cooperation in taking care of issues to enhance our curb appeal will be appreciated. 

The paint colour for patio fences, doors and trim is Sherwin-Williams Navajo White SW-6126.

The Landscaper has been directed to seed bare areas of the lawn. 

Smokin’ Hot Mulch

It’s important to be aware that the mulch that is placed in landscape beds is made of dry shredded bark from trees and is flammable.

There have been fires at Condominium Associations in the area that have been started with a cigarette butt thrown into the mulch. As cigarette filters do not decompose, they also should not be thrown on the lawn or pavement and must always be put out in an ash tray and disposed of in the trash some time after they have cooled.

Keep Your Distance When Grilling

The Ohio Fire Code prohibits the use of charcoal and gas grills within 10 feet of any building in a multifamily dwelling. Violations are not handled by the Association, but should be reported to the non-emergency (Do NOT call 911 unless there is an out of  control fire emergency) telephone number of the Berea Fire Department at  (440) 826-5880.

When storing gas grills, it is essential that propane tanks are stored OUTSIDE of the building, Under no circumstances should tanks be kept in garages or the homes.

Providing Association Services

As we have no employees, the Association utilizes a variety of independent contractors to provide services to maintain the common elements. Theses services are initiated by work orders for small or routine repair items or by special agreement in the case of items such as landscape, snow removal, roofing or painting. Items of significance are listed in the budget and certain services may only be performed in the years when budgeted, seasonally or to address extraordinary conditions.  Residents may request services by using a request form submitted online, by mail, fax or a phone call. Routine requests are generally grouped to include similar services needed at other parts of the property before work orders are issued to a contractor.  All work is scheduled by the contractor, not the Association, and since all of our contractors perform services for other customers, we cannot provide owners with a specific time that a task will be performed.  The rare exception is a window of time for a plumber to arrive to resolve a sewer backup.   At times, even scheduled work is subject to factors beyond the control of anyone.


Nationwide writes the master insurance policy for the Association’s common elements.  At policy renewal, servicing agent change or mortgage anniversaries, you may receive a request for evidence of insurance from your lender.  Please mail, e-mail or fax a copy of the request so that Nationwide may provide updated information to your lender.  We need all of the information in the letter and a telephone call is inefficient to convey accurate information.  Due to policy exclusions and limitations, there may be situations where certain losses are not covered by anyinsurance and costs may be borne by the individual unit owner.  Each resident must carry condominium owners insurance (Form H0-6) for personal property, the unit and limited common elements, (furniture, carpet, interior improvements, patios, storm doors, etc.) public liability protection and additional living expenses in the event of a loss.  Living in a condominium does not supplant the laws of physics or the ravages of Mother Nature.  There is no coverage for flood, earthquake, water and sewer back up, clean up after a plumber’s visit, mold, appliances, unit or personal property in the Association’s master policy.


Trash Collection, Pets and Complaints

All trash collection and recycling services are provided City of Berea.  The Association does not have any facilities, budget or personnel for the handling or removal of Trash.

  • Place carts at the curb no earlier than 4:30 PM Thursday evening
  • If a holiday occurs during the week, the collection day will be Saturday
  • Remove refuse cans from the curb by Friday evening.
  • Bulk Pickup will occur on Friday of the Third full week of the month

Blue Cart  - bagged household garbage and non-recylable trash

  • Cart lid opening must face the street and handle must face the home
  • Cart must be placed on driveway or tree lawn approximately 3 ft. from curb

Green Cart - Recyclable items

  • Newspapers: The entire newspaper including inserts.
  • Aluminum, steel and bimetal cans- food and beverage cans only.
  • Glass: Bottles and jars- food and beverage containers only.
  • Plastics: Clean empty containers #1-7
  • Rinsed out Plastics with numbers 1-7 stamped on the bottom

Pet waste must be removed immediately after its deposit on the grounds.

All complaints, about an Association resident, must be in writing, contain the signature of the complaining party and be sent via US Mail. Complaints about resident behaviour are not accepted by telephone, fax, or e-mail.

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