Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions and Reference section (FAQ). Below, we have tried to answer the most common questions visitors to this our Web site may have. Also provided is reference information related to the buildings and situation that occur within them. If you find that your question is not answered, please contact us. 

Q   What are Reserves and how do they affect the Association?

A   Reserves are funds provided for the replacement of the major common elements, the property that the Association has the responsibility to maintain, as defined in the Declaration of Condominium Ownership. Annually unit owners are asked to waive the fully funded reserve requirement to moderate maintenance fee increases. Additional details are available in the special Reserves section of the website.  

Q   I made a Service Request by phone.  Do I need to complete and mail in a Service Request form?

A   Requests for maintenance of the common elements (property that the Association maintains) that are made by phone or e-mail do not need to be confirmed in writing.  In instances where services are requested for unit owner maintained elements (where the Association will assess the costs for the services to you) or complaints about the behaviour of your neighbors do need to be confirmed in writing and your signature is required. 

Q   I received a Service Request form with my name and address filled in along with a Service Request Confirmation for a previously requested work order.  What should I do with this form?

A    This form is provided as a convenience to use to request services from the Association in the future.  You do not need to complete your request and mail it in until additional services are requested.

Q What does my monthly fee go toward?

A Maintenance fees are used to pay for the operations and maintenance of the common elements of the Association. Generally common element repairs, insurance, administration, accounting, reserves, postage and publications are costs paid for by maintenance fees. A budget was sent to all unit owners at the beginning of the year which details the exact amounts allocated for specific purposes. Unit owners may make suggestions for priority items to be considered by the Board at budget time (generally in November) for the next year.

Q Is the Board paid for their services?

A No. Board members, who set Association policy, serve on a voluntary basis without compensation. General Association operations are discharged to an administrator, condohome limited, who performs under contract to the Association.

Q Can maintenance fees be direct deposited?

A Due to the relatively small size of our Association, the costs of an automatic payment system is prohibitive. Unit owners may use a bill pay system at their bank or may send a series of checks in advance. These checks will be deposited each month after the date noted on the check.

Q I have a complaint about my neighbor. Who do I call?

A No one. Complaints must be in writing, contain the signature of the complainant and sent to us by US Mail.  Complaints by telephone, fax or e-mail are not accepted. A service request form is available to document a complaint.

Q What is necessary to instsall a 90% AFUE Furnace in my home?

A 90% AFUE furnaces require a PVC vent to be installed through the roof.  A Variance to install the piping through common elements such as the roof is required with details about the installation from your contractor, who must be licensed with the City of Berea. 


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